Survival Tactical Concepts Inc. is focused on providing the most realistic and practical training to our clients.  As society continues to evolve at a quick pace, we must adapt to these changes that unfortunately bring new methods of criminal activity especially in the area of personal safety.  We believe that the theory “one size fits all” is not appropriate and can only create techniques based on false assumptions as well as a diminished ability to meet personal safety goals.

Each program is tailored toward the specific needs and request of our customers.  This allows for our team to focus on the actual needs while developing appropriate and realistic training based on practically and the vast topic matter experience from our team.  Furthermore, time is critical to everyone in our fast paced society.  By focusing on the specifics, we are better able to utilize the amount of time needed for program development as well as the actual implementation of the training.

We specialize in personal safety training to various segments in our society.  Some organizations include:

-Church member and security staff      – Medical profession      – Private sector    – Public organizations     – Retail industry

Some of our topic areas include:

– Workplace Violence Recognition/Prevention      Verbal Communication and Tactics      – Personal/Professional Safety      – Law Enforcement Specialized Training (only outside of North Carolina)     – Active Shooter Response      – Conflict De-escalation and Resolution    – Crime Prevention through Environmental Design   – Home/Business Security Assessment (Hardening the Target)  – Executive Protection    – Crisis Intervention and Management

Please contact us if you have any questions and comments.